We’re back, and this time we’re sticking to what we’re good at.

It’s been a hair raising 18 months here at Deanslist! Early 2012 we released our Graduate social recruiting network to employers and students across the UK to a pretty solid reception. A “Deans List” is, quite literally, a list of the best students in an academic year at university and announced by the Dean of a school – something which fitted our project perfectly and people loved it.

We toured the top universities across the UK, signing up 1000’s of Computer Science & Technology students and 100’s of Technology employers and enjoying some success – Google, Sky, BAE Systems and numerous others registered and some even made placements. LinkedIn has proved that social recruiting networks can be an invaluable resource and we were convinced that the Deanslist social network was the next big thing.

Having bootstrapped the project we quickly reached the point where external funding was necessary. Careers fairs, advertising, marketing to employers & students etc – it was expensive! However, alas, we found investment hard to come by. Despite the positive feedback we received, the potential investors and government grant providers we pitched to were wary of LinkedIn’s own recent push on graduates & students (and, to my surprise, LinkedIn seem to be pulling off!).

We pitched and pitched and didn’t get anywhere. Then the penny dropped.

We’re not a social networking company. We’re not a web platform company. All of our clients, those that actually pay us money, love us for what we do and what we are. We’re a Tech Recruitment company and we’re very good at it.

And we still love the name.

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